EFIWE GISTS: Meet Miss Ojugbeli Gloria - An Exceptional UI Female Pencil-Artist With Great Potentials

By - Alao Abiodun

When you convert that incredible energy of yours into something beautiful - it amazes people. When you fuel that creativity of yours into something awesome, it inspires people - when you transcend your ordinary skills to achieve the extraordinary - you motivate people.

Miss Ojugbeli Gloria is a 200 Level student of the department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan with great skills in the seigniory of artistry. She hails from Delta state, Nigeria. Her adroitness is quite exceptional. Interestingly she developed her innate passion for drawing when she made this discovery this year (2017). She started off 6 months ago through the prompt tutelage by Jake Arts - a meticulous, incredible and phenomenal artist who took painstaking efforts to tutor her. Her passionate mindset and curiosity about knowing how to draw well spurred her to consult further and also practice harder. This incredibly ignited her to promote her pencil drawings of different forms in a verisimilitudinous style. Despite the situations because learning how to draw can be really frustrating, she went extra miles through consistent practice and training.

Sadly, drawing is one of the most underrated forms of Visual Arts in Nigeria. We visually appreciate works of art when we see them but not much emphasis is put into showcasing and unveiling them. Nigeria and Africa as a whole is gifted with a lot of talented visual artists, we must learn to celebrate them because they are raw talents.

Portrait of Pres. Buhari drawn by Gloria 
In the words of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria), He said “...I am impressed about Nigeria and I think that what there is about this great nation is just an endless flow of talents, endless flow of creativity and endless flow of energy...” - This shows that our unique talents are some of the things that make us who we are and in most cases define our personalities and our outlook to the society.

Most individuals who turned out to be among the greatest in the world today were those who took up a career based on their natural and innate ability - Firstly, they discovered they were really good at something - Secondly, they developed the talent - Thirdly, they did put the talent to work, and then the talent produced big results. Now that we are heading to 2018, search within yourself deeply, cross-examine yourself thoroughly to know your innate abilities, then develop the passion to work upon it, trust me you'll find yourself excelling. Just like I usually tell budding writers who are hungry and thirsty for the passion to write, one of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to read, read, and read. Did I mention you have to read? - Yes. Developing the passion for reading exposes you to superior thoughts, structure, grammar, prose, delivery and impact. Then you'll find yourself possessing that admirable dexterous skill that will set you distinct from the general populace.

To get a beautiful version of yourself with great artistic features, Ojugbeli Gloria can be reached via Call/Whatsapp - 09033998037, Facebook - Ojugbeli Gloria, Instagram - Gloria_unique. She aims to improve and enhance her art skills and to share her knowledge of art.

Alao Abiodun Joshua writes from University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

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