EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: I Am Bent On Touching Students Lives And Getting Commitment - UISU’20 Presidential Aspirant, Akeju | READ!

Akeju Oluwasegun

As we officially begin the countdown to the Students’ Executive Council elections which is set to hold on the 7th of December, Unibadan EFIWE brings to your screen a quick chat with one of UISU Presidential aspirant, Akeju Oluwasegun which was hosted by Blessing Odesola Of WOUWO.

Blessing Odesola 
Akeju talks about his contributions so far to the Union and plans for Students of the University if he’s elected as the President come December 7th. Read below;

Can we meet you?

I am Akeju Olusegun, an aspirant for the post of Students' Union President. I am a 400 Level student of Faculty Of Law, University Of Ibadan

Who’s Akeju Oluwasegun?

I was a member of the Students' Representative Council in 2017, The Attorney General of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall and Faculty of Law and Generally a student leader.

Can we say all this were stepping stones to you running for the post of SU President Or what motivated or inspired the interest?

Although they've opened my eyes to Students' Leadership Orientation they were basically inspired by the drive to serve.

What do you have in stall for Uites?

A project, to regain the consciousness of students as regards Students' Unionism through the only means of touching individual's life. Hence, aside from representative duty, I am bent on touching students lives and getting commitment in return.

#Campaign Promises are always made year in year out. Mention specific events that point at your ability to effectively execute your promises?

Thank you. Most of our projects are things we have tried to test run and let me mentioned a few.

1. On skill acquisition, we tested people's willingness. I organized an online skill acquisition program where we had more than 400 people on different WhatsApp groups that we taught different skills. We are going physical after winning.

2. To test run mock exams project, I organized a mock exam for chemistry 156 with just 1500 and we had a turn up of 102 students.

3. Semester by Semester tank washing. We also test run this at Idia.

The point is, I have started working on the plans to know their feasibilities. Hence, we will deliver because I am willing.

How sustainable is this plan? How do you intend on getting funds to achieve this when elected?

Akeju: Automatically, a major function of Excos is sourcing for funds. Besides, the plans are not really expensive.

On skill Acquisition, I have a tentative agreement with a skill empowerment platform willing to offer free trainings and paid ones at ridiculous prices. We will also be using student experts. I have digital skills courses already downloaded from UDEMY and Coursera which i can easily share with Students

For example, I have Full Web Design Course, Full Python Programming, Full HTML and CSS. Complete Diploma Course on Graphic Design And I have all these presently on my laptop.

We have seen your plans, quite appealing. However, If and If when elected  in actualisation of your plans diplomacy doesn't work. Are you ready to go radical?  What better ways can you go about actualisation of your plans with the school management if dialogue fails?

First, we are going ti be stepping up our diplomacy skill. Not diplomacy as usual any longer. If it fails. We go into lobbying. Radicalism is the last option but when we are going to be doing that, we will be taking note of some facts like making sure we don't lose our union again, no one get victimized and still get what we want.

You have been the class rep of the 400 level class since 100 level. There is a speculation that you are principled and sometimes you do not change your view or opinion. How does this speculation make you a better CANDIDATE to be entrusted  with the power of UNION PRESIDENT during the Prof ABEL IDOWU OLAYINKA led adminstration.?

Akeju; The speculations are largely untrue. Decisions are made after some consultations. There are a lot of rumours surrounding this election. Especially that most contestants are opportunists.

Your contribution so far to the Union and The specific role you played during the  last SU Congress, Protest and Rustication of Union Officers.?

Akeju: I was also part of the seven men committee set up by the SRC to see to how we could get the Union back and how we could get our people freed. I wrote different articles to sensitize people on the fact that congress does not mean protest.

On the rustication: out of about 140 honourables I was the only one that got pieces of evidence so to make sure we were freed. With this and efforts of other leaders, all honourable members were freed aside the principal officers.

I also tried all I could to make sure that everyone got freed. The articles were to make sure people that didn't want to protest come around. Hence, my team and I are not opportunists, I have even been more involved in UI Students' Unionism than any candidate.

Do you feel the protest was not needed And what would you have done?

Akeju: Although, it was a resolution of the Congress. I believe it wasn't time for a protest yet. Congress happened 27th of May, 3 days to exams. Classes ended already and there was no mobilization from CBN.

Akeju Tells Hessy; There was no BC from CBN. The major BC that came out were the ones that individuals put in their names. Proactive steps were taken by us after a brainstorming meeting we held a night before the congress at SRC floor. You never had anything with the Union.

If elected as the President of our SU, how would you tackle the issue of the SU constitution, especially with regards to eligibility and criteria for elections and other salient issues bothering on Union Funds between 2017 and 2019 during which there was no Union and the #200 SUG fees were still included in the School fees of both UG and PG students.

On the constitution, my administration and the SRC will see to it and push for the common request of Uites. There are other issues that should be addressed in the constitution, including the Special Persons and all.

On SU money, we will definitely request for it and I believe the management will be forthcoming.

Thank you for staying tuned. Feel free to share with others and Kindly give full credit to WOUWO and Unibadan EFIWE if posted on your prestigious platforms. Thank you!

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