EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: Jaw War Is A Spirit - TLDS President (Central L&D UI), Opeyemi Oluwaseun, Talks More In New Interview @jawwar_ui #JawWar2017 - Unibadan Efiwe | No. 1 Entertainment And Lifestyle Website Of The University Of Ibadan

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EFIWE EXCLUSIVE: Jaw War Is A Spirit - TLDS President (Central L&D UI), Opeyemi Oluwaseun, Talks More In New Interview @jawwar_ui #JawWar2017

Opeyemi Oluwaseun is a 500 Level Law Student of the University of Ibadan. She hails from Awo Ekiti in Ekiti state and comes from a family of five and is the first of three children.

She attended St Joseph's Catholic Nursery and Primary School Ado Ekiti where she graduated as the Social perfect.

She further moved to Holy Child Catholic Secondary School,Ado Ekiti where she was a vibrant pressman and the head of the drama club.

Oluwaseun also emerged as the Best Student in Art class and bagged 8 distinction out of 9 subjects in her Waec.

Oluwaseun also quickly attended Afe Babalola University where she studied Intelligence and Security Studies for a year and was the Best Student in the class which earned her a monetary scholarship by the renowned Aare Afe Babalola.

Oluwaseun thereafter proceeded to study Law at the University of Ibadan and decided to carve a niche for herself in debating.

Her first propeller was when was chosen as one of the 5 finalist for the Fela Durotoye "deliver the future debate" out of over 50 students who auditioned.

She had her big break when she represented the Faculty of Law at the Junior Chambers International debate in 2014 and emerged winner.

Oluwaseun was also nominated in the Best Female speaker category in Jaw War 2015.
Oluwaseun was the Winner of the Unity Chambers International debate organised by Babcock University, She was also the Winner of the Prof. Agbede Debate organised by the same university.

Oluwaseun was the head of Jaw War 2016 rally committee and also a member of the Students' Union intervarsity debate planning committee.

She is a member of the Faculty of Law Literary and Debating society and the Queens Hall literary and debating society where she was the immediate past Administrator.

Apart from Debating, Oluwaseun is also an active member of the Law Student society as she is the immediate past Chambers Head of Taslim Olawale Elias chambers.

Oluwaseun is the immediate past President of the Faculty of Law Literary and Debating society which led the Faculty to second position at Jaw War 2016.

Oluwaseun won the award for the Best speech at Jaw War 2016 and  led the University of Ibadan to victory at the National Tax debate 2016 which witnessed the attendance of about 12 universities.

This provided the opportunity for her to intern with Price Water House Coopers(PwC) and KPMG, two multinational firms and she has recommendation for her exceptional work ethics.

Oluwaseun apart from school work is a fashion designer and also a compere per excellence. Oluwaseun is a bundle of talent and prides in the fact that she knows a little of everything.

Oluwaseun enjoys meeting people, speaking, cooking, writing, Brain storming and family time.

Her favourite quote is that no matter the thickness of darkness you should never forget to light your candle.

WOUWO Host, Zenas

In a quick chat with Zenas, Host of WOUWO, Oluwaseun talks more Jaw War 2017, the preparations, plans, attempts and many more in New Interview.

Also, She joked about how Student Journalist, Kunle Adebajo was too seated in the Brother Zone during the Game Time session. Read Below

We're going to make this as brief as it can be, owing to the commitment both parties are involved in. Jaw War was once a lost child, how was it resuscitated and what led to its earlier decline? 

Jaw War was resusciated three years ago through the effort of some well meaning individuals such as Mr Amobi, Dr Isaac and Mr Adeoye. Prior to this time, the event had gone into extinction as a result of myriads of issues one of which Dr Lewis pointed out was  issues with leadership.

Leadership as a factor... Can you expatiate on that further and others too?

According to Dr Lewis, a few years ago TLDS had a president who was involved in so many things, was so distracted and so couldn't handle the organization efficiently.

OK, since its resuscitation, what has been the Management's stance on it?
Put differently, is it an event recognized by the University hierarchy? 

Yes, it has received the support of the school administration, the former VC was a big fan of the debate and thus was of great help. The present VC is also very aware of the event and has shown support too.

I won't say the event has received the support of all members of the School Management but we have the support of a good number.

You just mentioned the VC, to what extent ma? To the extent of giving out Trenchard for usage or him gracing the event himself? 

Last year, He attended the finals of Jaw War and also gave out trenchard hall for use. This year we hope that happens again and even more.

Okay. Can we have a more clearer explanations as to why Faculty of Social Science LLT was still or is still being used this year as the Jaw war venue if the VC is in support of the event... Why not Trenchard? 

The truth is that we are pre-emptive of the fact that the University might be unwillingly to give us Trenchard Hall for all the rounds so we usually make do with a conducive lecture theatre. We however have not directly asked the VC for Trenchard Hall for all the rounds prior to this time.

Hmmm....Madam president; should I posit it then that TLDS UI only acted based on PRESUMPTIONS to the inconvenience of Uites? 

Presumptions are not guesses.A presumption is a reference to the existence of a fact known, drawn from known or proved existence of other facts. So we don't have the intention of causing inconvenience to ourselves or uites, We work with available facts and information to create a world class event. 

Sometimes, our presumptions might be false too but they are definitely based on the circumstances we find ourselves and we only try to make the best of every situation.

Alright ma, your election came on December, swearing in on March...Statistically, You had 10 months to prepare for Jaw War unofficially and 7 months to prepare officially. In between, there is the 5 weeks Union strike and 4 weeks ASUU strike given you 9 weeks to work without academic stress.

Kudos to your team. You did well with preparations, but Ma, what were your plans, attempts and how far did you go with them to stage something more better than what we have on ground?

It's not been a smooth journey but I am grateful to God and the amazing people He has planted around me.

Everyone who knows me really well knows I can't stand mediocrity, it's either I do something well or I do nothing.

Jaw war preparations started sometime In April and the draws, rules and topic were made available around May/June.

I also immediately set up about 9 committees filled with senators and members of the lnd to act on various parts of Jaw War.

The problem I identified on assuming office was funding, I set up a sponsorship committee too, We came up with a proposals which I took to about 11 companies in Lagos  (their head offices), hoping we did at least get at least I call back sadly we never did. That was during the strike.

I thereafter told my excos on resumption that we had to look internally so we decided to start a faculty tour to visit faculties in UI to tell lecturers about Jaw War and ask for assistance so many of them promised but we still look forward to their replies.

I have also worked on and would still keep working on private individuals and former L and D Members. It's been a tasking journey but I thank God for the grace to smile through it all.

Hmm..This is a game of "sighs'' Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Is not even the head that is uneasy,the whole body is *smiles* 

Okay, moving straight to the Debate proper itself...What was the criteria for selecting Judges? 

We look for individuals who have a good knowledge of public speaking and debates.

OK, many have their reservations on the judges of Wednesday... What would be your honest assertion on the fairness of their grading?

First and foremost, one of the various things I ensured on the planning of Jaw War this year was getting the right judges for the event, thus I had senators involved in the submission of judges and even got the best people for this function. 

However, I also set up a committee to come up with a set of rules and regulations that were presented to the Judges before each round of debate.

Most times, I meet the judges for the first time on the day of the event just like every other person present. I went through all these protocol just to ensure transparency. 

Jaw War is more than a debate, it's a spirit therefore emotions would surely arise but we must always remember that we are not perfect.

What's your honest comment on the fairness of the first set of Judges.. Put differently, grade them on the scale of 10.. Honest grading please!

How am I supposed to judge people that I am expected to be responsible for their actions, I can't. It would be I judging myself.

Hmm...Okay. What's your reaction to Sultan Bello hall early exit? 

It only reveals the fact that they are great men because the hallmark of greatness is that you win some and lose a few times too. 

Moving swiftly, Madam President ma, there was a time during the last debate where there was power outage...What led to it and what has been done to curb a repeat?

So for some unknown reasons, the sockets in the Faculty of The Social Sciences were not working so we switched on the generator, there was fuel inside and we also bought extra but the buyer forgot to fill it up then it went off and we were going to refill and then switch it back on but We couldn't find the rope on time.

In summary,we would avoid that subsequently.

Audience: What sort of reactions have you got so far concerning the Jaw War?

Different reactions; positive sometimes people telling me that I and my team have done a great job. Sometimes negative for instance a girl was chatting me and bitterly asking why her faculty was out. I just tried to make her understand that it's just a debate 🌚

Jaw War has now become an avenue for some debaters to enhance their "casting capability''... Many use it to aim insults and unnecessary digs at opponents. What can you say to this? 

That's why so many people score low on content and subsequently lose because the Judges don't look at insults or unnecessary banters.

Don't you think this is not enough ma, it won't serve as a deterrent still...Then, the MC was accused of making scathing remarks about Zik and Indy especially. This has made many really dislike the (perceived) unethical nature of jaw War? 

We would look into better measures to ensure that.

Madam president ma, your efforts at generating fund for the L and D has been duly noted.. We would like you to emphasize how you came by the idea, and further explain it to the generality of Uites? 

Special shoutout to @⁨Sir Kenayo⁩  and @⁨Demo pumpin⁩ for helping birth this idea and the idea is that we get a token from ALAT APP for every download and also for every funding of the ALAT account subsequently. I want to therefore plead with everyone here to help download this Application and tell everyone you know to download using the referal code "JAWWAR.

Besides this and those said before, are there other options to generate funds?

Definitely there are other options but not as bogus as the option I mentioned above.we have spent a lot on jaw war and we are still going to spend more. No support is meagre.

Moreover entrepreneurs can also support us by advertising on our platform and individuals can also buy raffle tickets.

Also, are there going to be personal prizes to outstanding debaters?

Yes, awards and prizes are going to be available. 

Recently, I learnt the Wednesday debate's venue has been changed to Paul Hendrick's hall... Can we understand better? 

Yes, this year we have decided to run an all inclusive Jaw War so we have decided that we would take one out of the 7 rounds to ABH since three of our constituencies are there; Clinical sciences, Dentistry and Alexandra Brown hall.

Therefore, the hall round on 10th November would take place at Paul Hendricks in UCH.

I will like to know as well, disgruntled members of the L and D who felt cheated via wrong decisions and are out unfairly, what effort have been made to pacify them?

We have an appeal procedure which they could avail themselves with but my personal advice is that they should allow their failure spur them into greater success next year.

As it ever been an option for the TLDS to invite dignitaries from outside School to grace the opening ceremony of Jaw War, young intellectuals as judges and not school lecturers.

Not all judges are UI lecturers, only a few are. And yes, we invite dignitaries and we would take steps towards that at the closing ceremony this year too.

In a situation whereby a Hall or Faculty decides not to avail herself for Jaw War again... What happens? 

I don't see that as an option for any Hall or Faculty, it is an intellectual exercise and a bond tightener. 

Remember I said earlier that Jaw War is a spirit, it can't be killed by one person's inactivity. 

Audience: The former president of TLDS "Catherine" was told that if they can get Jaw War trend on twitter (among the top 10 trending) we can actually attract sponsorship through it but the current excos seems not to care about social media for the event forgetting that, that's what make Jaw war more popular and interesting last year.

Why are they neglecting that part?

 I totally understand your point of view. Someone already mentioned that and we are working on it and I am sure the PRO can see this too.

We have worked on building an Instagram followership base and by the next round, We would have a Twitter account where we can share punchlines etc. 

Audience (Tizzle Nation): Have you thought of going to Radio Stations for sponsorship in exchange for your content. By the way, this sponsorship can come in different forms. This has to deal with speaking I wonder how Radios are not involved in the whole package.

 Yes we have but we are looking at trying again for finals especially.

Jaw War is a debate that should receive National Recognition someday soon and we can all work together to make that possible. Maybe not today or tomorrow but someday.

Any other words? 

I also want to implore everyone to let go of whatever anger that might try to hold back our competitive spirit and support the movement.

There would be a "JAW BALL" this year, it is the TLDS Dinner and would be exquisite. Please contact me for tickets. Thank you WOUWO for having me here. It's an honour.

Game Time: Of these guys, arrange in these order. 
One night stand
Take home to mama

Kanyin Olorunnisola
Alao Abiodun
Kunle Adebajo

Alao Abiodun
Kunle Adebajo (too seated in the brotherzone)
Kanyin Olorunnisola

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