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EFIWE INTERVIEW: My Creativity Comes From God - UI Female Artist, Olugbenro Moyinoluwa @M_pearloflife

Meet Olugbenro Moyinoluwa, a Multi-talented Student of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan.

Moyin is an Artist, a painter and also a Fashion Designer. She hails from Ondo State and She's self-inspired.

Unibadan Efiwe had a chat with amazing Visual Artist as She talks about herself, creativity, Fashion and many more in New Interview. Read Below

Can We Meet You?

I'm Olugbenro Moyinoluwa, a 400 Level Student of the Department of Communication And Language Arts, Faculty Of Arts, University of Ibadan. 

I hail from Ondo State. I'm an artist, a painter and also a Fashion Designer. 

Why do you do What you do?

I do what I do because I love doing them. I've got joy in doing them and I'm so proud to be.

What are the challenges you face as an Artist?

I do not have enough time because I love to draw with pen. It takes so much time like hours and I've got so many to do as a student.

What inspires you?

I'm self-inspired. I believe I can draw any picture, if I've got to do that. All I do is set my mind on it.

What’s Integral to the work of an Artist?

I believe its creativity all summed up with persistence.

What Role does an Artist have in Society?

An artist has the role of bringing out the beauty in nature for the world to see.

What’s your Favorite Artwork?

My favourite artwork is the picture of a Lady with wings in the desert.

What's your own Definition of Fashion?

I can say Fashion is creativity, beyond what can be imagined by anyone else.

How do you manage to cope as an Artist and a Student??

Like I said earlier, I have problem with time so I have to keep my artwork till I'm less busy in school.

What are you working on currently that excites you?

I'm not working on anything for now but I have an unfinished work.

Are your parents in support of you being an Artist?

I'm not really an artist to my parents because I'm doing a lot so they just let me use my talents.

If there were a magic power you could use in your art making, what would it be?

The power to hold the time and the power to make my drawing perfect.

Where do you think your creativity comes from?

I think it comes from God. People do things and can't explain how.

What kind of art is unappealing to you?

I love visual arts, specifically nature drawing.

What are your thoughts on being an artist in today’s world? 

Being an artist is just that there are always better artist.

Do you feel intimidated being a Female painter?

I do not feel intimidated at all. 

Are you in a Relationship?

Yes I am.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-4 Years?

I see myself become a large scale employer of labour.

Any words/advice for others who are reading this interview?

For ladies, No amount is worth your joy because you can always make it on your own with God.

 To everyone, God has given you brain so you would give him rest. Use it!

See More Pictures of Moyinoluwa and her works below: 

Contact No: 08108465020
FB: Olugbenro Moyinoluwa
Instagram: @moyinjacintha
Twitter: @M_pearloflife


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