EFIWE GOSSIP: Super Mom Saves Her Family, Gives Gunmen A Blowjob

A quick thinking mom, who I would tag as a "Super mom" saved the lives of her family from the hands of Gunmen by giving him a blow job.

Jennifer, from Texas said "the gunmen was dangerous and armed but so is my mouth"

 "To say I'd do anything for my children would be an understatement at this point. Plus he wasn't a minute man so it was a lot of work" she added.

Jennifer's husband, Raymond had only one thing to say about the ordeal.

He said "She never gave me a head like that, but we would talk about that later.  For now, I'm just glad our children are safe"

BlowJob wey dey surprise Husband sef dey!😱😱 Gunmen's incident woke up the giant in her.😂😂😂

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