EFIWE GISTS: Many Souls Saved As RCCG's G.O, Pastor E.A Adeboye Visits University Of Ibadan | READ - Unibadan Efiwe | No. 1 Entertainment And Lifestyle Website Of The University Of Ibadan

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EFIWE GISTS: Many Souls Saved As RCCG's G.O, Pastor E.A Adeboye Visits University Of Ibadan | READ

The Redeemed Christian Church Of God General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye started this year's 40 Days Prayer and Fasting programme with a visit to the Premier University of Ibadan for the Annual Holy Ghost Congress specially for youths and students which held at the University of Ibadan's Sport Field on the 11th of January, 2017.

Thousands of people including UI Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, Students, Workers, Staffs, Members of RCCG and residents of Ibadan and its environs witnessed this year's Holy Ghost Congress themed "Behold The Lamb".

In His words, Baba Adeboye said "There's a link between Sin and Failure" 

He shared a story of a Woman living in Ilorin with a peculiar problem.

According to Him, He said "if you switch on the fridge, instead of the fridge to get cold, the woman gets cold." 

"When you switch on the light,  instead of the bulb to on, the lights on in her body but he gave her a solution which would solve her problem."

" Her problem got solved after she accepted Jesus Christ. "

After sharing the story, He made an altar call for sinners to repent as thousands of individuals made their way to the front to surrender their lives to God.

During the second segment of the Programme, Baba Adeboye shared a short sermon on "How Christians can Behold 7 Precious gifts from the Lamb" 

The First Gift from the lamb which He referred to as Jesus Christ was "Behold His Stripes because it heals sickness" 

"Scientifically, there are 39 Sicknesses discovered by Scientist while Jesus took 40 Stripes.  Jesus had paid for every sickness that exist and took an extra stripe incase a new sickness might be discovered before his return." He said.

Secondly, He charged Christians to "Behold to Blood of Jesus and use it to authorize their rights as a Child of God."

He said:

"His blood shed on the cross was the life of Jesus (Lec 17 vs 11)  (Col 2:13-15)   (Rev 12:11). His blood overcame the devil"

Thirdly, He said "Behold the sweats on his  face and claim your rights ( Gen 3:17-19) (Luke 22:24)" 

"There's a difference between sweatiness and success sweat-less" He added.

Fourthly, He said "Behold his loneliness on the cross and say no to any future disappointment (Matt 26:47-49, Ps. 121:5)

According to the bible passages, (Matt 28: 1-6 John 11:1-5, Mark 5:35-43, John 11:39-44, 2 Corinthians 5:17), He charged Christians to "Behold Jesus resurrection and claim their new beginning"

He told Christians to " Behold His ascension and claim all his promises for your life (John 16:7, Acts 1:8)."  

"One of the promises he made can be found in John 14:12" He added.

Lastly, He said "Do you know the reason why Jesus died for you and me. He died because of his love (John 15:13)"

"Behold the love of God and claim what comes with the love (Romans 8:37)"

"Behold the love of God and claim victory without a fight."

In Conclusion, He shared with the congregation three (3) major things the Lamb which is Jesus Christ expect in return from us as Christians.

He said "Love is a two-way traffic so Jesus expect a lot from you as you enjoy his promises."

Tell Others about Jesus (Matt 28:18-20)

Don't crucify him the second time (Heb 6:4-6) 

Jesus expects you to keep yourself pure (1st John 3:1-3).

Indeed, Tonight's Holy Ghost Service at the University of Ibadan was a great Holy Ghost Service.

God moved mightly,  Souls were saved, Destinies were changed, secured and Doors of "Surprise" that would shock the enemies were opened.

RCCG 40 Days Prayer And Fasting Programme continues tomorrow, You can  Download the Prayer And Fasting Booklet Now on Unibadanefiwe.com, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BOOKLET

Get Involved and experience "Surprise" this Year 2017.  God Bless You

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