EFIWE INTERVIEW: Digital Marketing Is What I'm Passionate About - UI Studentpreneur, Akinyemi Peter

Meet Akinyemi Peter, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Psychology, University Of Ibadan. Akinyemi recently won the Award for "Most Creative Student Of The Year" at the UIDLC Dinner Awards and Variety Night, He's into Digital Marketing and also the Owner of Climaxbox Marketing Agency.

Akinyemi and 3 Other Students from the University represented University of Ibadan at the 2016 Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC 2016).

Unibadan Efiwe had an Interview with Peter and Below is what He had to say as He talks about His Profession, Passion, Recent Award and GOMC 2016.

Can We Meet You?

My name is Akinyemi Peter, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Psychology, University of Ibadan. I'm into Digital Marketing and also the Owner of Climaxbox Marketing Agency.

Recently, You Won "Most Creative Student Of The Year" at the UIDLC Dinner Awards And Variety Night, How do You feel about that??

It was Awesome and I believe that is just the beginning.

Also You and Your Team represented the University Of Ibadan at the 2016 Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC), Tell Us about Your Experience?

Yes it was a very fascinating experience and very demanding especially being a Team leader.

 We were not aware of the Contest early, two days to the deadline for closure of the Pre-report, Google asked us to pick a Company of our choice and work with the company to improve their sales.

The first task which gave us problem was searching for a Company who will allow us at least trust us a little with their company website and give us necessary information about the company.

 Remember I said we were already two days to the deadline after Mr Caleb, the Head of I.T section enrolled us.

At last, we were able to work talk with the Personal Assistance (P.A) of Idea Konsult which is an Electronic store in Ibadan, Nigeria.

 She was a very nice woman and also someone who's close to my Daddy. Without following much protocols, we were asked to submit a letter that day so we can get approval by the next day.

 We got the approval and then I represented the Team in collecting the needed information that will aid our Campaign.

 It was also very tedious because We had to write the Pre-report that day and submit to Google so that we can be credited before deadline. 

  As part of our passion to partake in the Global Contest competing  with 10,000 Students in more than 60 counties, We made sure we did what was required of us even though we did not have much time to fix issues. 

As I said before it was time demanding , in fact as a Team leader I hardly slept, I had to make research and also monitor the Campaigns so that the $250 given to us will not just blow off without getting a Good result.

I'm glad we made Good results at least we were able to increase call rates and traffic directly to Idea Konsult contact pages on their website.

Being the Team Leader and competing with 10,000 Students in more than 60 Countries, What was the challenges you faced??

The challenges were peculiar to the Team since its our Job to monitor the Adwords Campaign, Manage Budget, forecast the Industry and do Research on the trends. 

 Our major challenge was monitoring the AdWords Campaign. It was very tasking and time demanding.

After so much effort and team work, how did you guys feel going into the semi-finals of the Challenge and eventually being among the Best 15 Students who were at the Semi-Finals?

Being at the Semi-Finals means  that we demonstrated a very good AdWords proficiency and understanding of online advertising by executing well in most of the above mentioned key performance areas and creating campaigns that yielded good results. 

 Top 5 Students were selected for the Finals but it was a very nice and wonderful experience, thumps up to Google Online Marketing Challenge Team who organized this competition for students to have a real insight and practice what they have read.

So In what way as GOMC 2016 influenced You as a person?

Infact, it has made me more confident and also increased my knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I Currently own a Marketing Agency which is Climaxbox Digital Marketing Agency.

Wow thats cool to know so You going fully into Digital Marketing??

Yes, I am. Digital Marketing is what I'm passionate about and I created that agency to help and improve both small and large businesses most especially in Nigeria.

What Inspires You??

My father and my Role models inspire me.

Who are your Role Models and why??

My Role Models are Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Google Founder, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Founder of Wordstream, Larry Kim. 

My reason for picking these people as my role model is because they created new innovations, new things which are of benefit to people around the world.

Your Team At the GOMC 2016 who were representing the University of Ibadan was How many Man-Team??

It was a 4-Man Team representing the University.

Choosing your Team Members, what was the criteria(s) used or were You guys already selected by Google??

No, we were not selected by Google . It was a personal selection. I had to look for a writer and others who were good at thinking in order to brain storm together and work things out so we can get a better result. 

It is the Team leaders Job to select its members but sometimes Professors can handle the selection.

How easy/hard was it for You in selecting three individuals and working together with them??

It was not easy at all but it is part of our training to work with other team members to bring forth a good result. I'm glad it worked out well and it was a great pleasure working with them.

What's your own Definition of Advertisement and Photography and Do you think Digital Marketing goes along with Advertisement??

Photography is a different thing when we are talking about Digital Marketing but both work together sometimes to get a good result.

Basically, I'm not into Photography but possibly when needed I will hire an expert with such discipline . 

Before now according to trends, Digital Marketing was called Online Marketing or Internet Marketing but now things have changed because there is a believe that the Digital world will enhance Online Marketing so Advertising is a form of Marketing.

In the Next 3-4 Years, where do You see yourself??

I see my self owning a Company whose aim is solving business problems around the world especially in Nigeria (Africa).

How do You balance Your Private Life and Public Life??

Nothing special, I'm just the same person both privately and publicly.

If You could have One Super Power, what would that be and why?

That will be the super power to think better and Faster, basically Wisdom because everyone desires divine wisdom to achieve greatness.

Tell Us little about your Family Background?

I'm from a family of 5, I'm the first born and I have two other younger siblings. I'm an indigene of Osun State, Ikire Town to be precise.

How do You cope being a Student and also Managing your Digital Marketing Agency?

The most important thing is scheduling your time properly and wisely.

What do you do during Leisure?? 

I spend most of my time online reading Educational books and write ups.

 What words/advice do you have for other Aspiring Youths who intend to go into Digital Marketing?

For Youths who want to go for Digital Marketing , it's a very good entrepreneurship skill, acquire it and you will never regret it. 

Digital Marketing is a rare skill so it is good to acquire such skill and above all in whatsoever You do always acquire and put God first.


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