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EFIWE MUSIC: Made In Heaven - Jeje @iamlumynors @OLUSAYOOlusayo @iamkasope @MadeInHeavenmih

Made In Heaven was formed in August 2015 by the dynamic trio of Lumynors O'ven @iamlumynors,Olusayo @OLUSAYOOlusayo  and Kasope @iamkasope ;individual artists in their own right. Skilled,versatile,eclectic and spiritual,this is a fast-rising music crew set to take over the global music scene with positive vibes in different genres.Easily switching lyrics in different languages,their musical message is as an embodiment of the ideals of LOVE,LIFE,GOD and DREAMS.

Made In Heaven has a new awe-inspiring single out titled "Jeje".With a twang of Kasope's guitar, a chorus from Lumynors O'ven, and the much needed spark of excitement from Olusayo,their first single was born. Made In Heaven's single-"Jeje" has been widely accepted after its release.

It speaks to a wide audience on the virtues of patience,hardwork and trust in the one true Deity. "Jeje" easily reaches the hearts of everyone-from the streets to the suburbs-as it leaves the listener with a smile,hope and a courage to dream again.

Feel Free To Spoil The Download Button And Enjoy "Jeje"!


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