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KNOW YOUR SU ASPIRANTS 2016: Meet Aderoju Aderonke Okunsanmi, UISU Vice - Presidential Aspirant

Meet Aderoju Aderonke Okunsanmi, a 300 Level Student of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, She's gallantly but humbly efficient. Aderoju is One of The Aspirants for The Student Union Vice Presidential Election In The University.

Unibadan Efiwe had an interview with Miss Aderoju. You can read the Full Interview Below

Can We Meet You??

My name is Aderoju Aderonke Okunsanmi, 300 Level Student of the department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts. An amiable Idiate.

What Post do you seek for in the Student Union??.

The Vice-President, Student's Union, University of Ibadan.

Why do You seek for the post of The Vice- President, Student Union University Of Ibadan??

I seek for the Vice-President because of the job function is something I am interested in. Also, to input my quota of change through the EFFICIENCY AGENDA.

Talking about the Efficiency Agenda, What is it all about??

The EFFICIENCY AGENDA is just Two Words that constitutes the building blocks of what our vision is all about; that is the 3 “E(s)” needed in the all-round excellence of a student’s life in the 21st century. 

* Education  * Entrepreneurship * Entertainment.

Wow, So cool How do You tend to carry Out and Achieve this Efficiency Agenda??

Well I will Start by saying Experience no matter how little never gets Old.  The Efficiency Agenda is not my personal mission, it is a collective responsibility of all progressive Students. I believe my experience having served at various levels puts me in a better position to understand how the system works. we can collectively achieve the efficiency agenda first by the power of faith.

I mean before it can come to reality we must first have the believe that our ideas are going to work. we must infuse positive energy into these goals. The Agenda is to take into consideration the global requirement of the 21st century student's benchmark of excellence.

The way to achieve this is quite simple, we have come up with innovative ideas on setting up programmes that will motivate students and stimulate them in further appreciating the value of pursuing academic excellence. Take a look at the case of Dada Ayodele a UNILAG Student that finished with a perfect CGPA. 

It is quite disappointing that our society didn't really give much celebration to this guy, how then can We encourage others to emulate someone like Dada. I plan to introduce programmes that will always motivate and "ginger" fellow students to pursue academic excellence.

On the issue of Entrepreneurship, Many Students on Unibadan campus continue to make US proud coming up and excelling in various enterprises they have chosen to venture into. Just last year, a UI Student Bolaji Omitogun before He graduated won the 5000USD Tony Elumelu grant. Omitogun was a Student Chef who operated Ricci's Kitchen offering both international and local cusines. 

Again this year, another UI Student, Olabode has also won the 5000 USD prize. We have many more enterprising students like this on our Campus. We have finofund an ingenious crowd funding platform created by. Mr Oredola Ibrahim and Team. 

We have CDO makeovers, Mlpromakeovers, Xtreme Media, Empire fish, Purely Pencil, Swot Media, Team Value, Graphix Plus, Dara Media, Sirkenayo and a whole  lot of other promising brands owned and controlled by Students.

It is our priority to support and motivate these enterprising Students by partnering with corporate organizations to help train, fund and provide mentorship as well as capacity building programmes for these Student Entrepreneurs.

A question on how the Student Union can generate internal funds has always been in my thoughts. I believe that if We must achieve an Independent Union, I mean a Union with minimal interference from the School Management, We must be able to also boast financial independence if not total at least to a significant extent. 

The E-Agenda has been painstakingly designed to come up with Students' Union run businesses.

These are very feasible enterprises that can be run by the Students Union itself to generate revenue which will require very little investment. With this in place, We can have more money to run the Union.

On Entertainment, having served as a One - time Social Minister Of Queen Idia Hall,  I have gathered some experience on lighting up the social atmosphere of our Campus. We also have plans to make UI more fun and socially active even though it is an unwise man that dwells on his past Achievements. 

Having run the Social Affairs of Queen Idia hall has served as a prototype on which we can improve on to fine-tune and present even better packages to Uites.

These 3 Es aside from the constitutional duties of the Vice President as required by the Students Union Constitution are our focus and talking about Administrative experience to execute these plans, apart from Idia Hall, I  also served as Vice President National Association of Ondo state Students , UI Chapter.  

I have also served as the Director of Gender Affairs National Association of Ondo State Students, National(Nigeria) being the only Female executive in that Administration.

Being a Student of Communication And Language Arts has helped me developed strong communication, negotiation and proposal writing skills to facilate my work as a Vice President. 

I have learnt about Team work and Management of People. I am also a Student Entrepreneur myself and I own Black and Purple, an Event Management outfit which I started even before entering the University.

With the Efficiency Agenda stated, When You emerge as the Student Union Vice President, what would be the first thing You will do??

The first thing is to find a way of "concatenating" my ideas with that of other Excos so that We can work in a unified direction. Without a Unified focus, We cannot Perform.

Describe Yourself in 5 Words???

I'm gallantly but humbly efficient.

Define Co-Operation??

Co-Operation has to do mutual understanding of one another especially for the purpose of pursuing a common or mutually benefitting goal.

If You could be a superhero and have any power, what power would You have and Why??

 The World is full of many imbalances, the poor getting extorted by the rich hereby getting poorer, Many case of Abuses e.g child abuses, rapes oppression, victimization and rest If I was to have Super Powers, it will be to make life FAIR.

Concerning the Welfare of Students who are staying Off campus, how do You tend to assist them in terms of Security and Others??

The Students' Union recently had a stakeholders' meeting in which I attended and issues like this were deliberated and various committees to address them were formed. I believe We would have fruitful reports and ideas from those committees together with other Excos, I look forward to consolidating on the efforts of current Administration to solve this issues. 

The reports from these committee will go a long way in helping Us understand the Most effective approach in solving this issues.

Where do You see Yourself in the next 2-3 Years??

Pursuing the ADVANCED E-AGENDA as it applies to my personal life.

What do You want to be remembered for when You leave the University Of Ibadan??

My integrity and impact, those matter a lot to Me.

Finally, why do You think the Students of the University should vote for You over Others??

I am not better than anyone out there because most UI Students are equally capable but I am prepared for this task, the E-AGENDA is a long term mission and EXPERIENCE no matter how little should not be compared to an EXPERIMENT.

Any Final Words/Advice for Students of the University Of Ibadan??

I urge Us all to stay gallant and let's progress the Union. I remain your ever gallant but humble girl,  Aderoju  Okunsanmi.

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