EFIWE NEWS: PROJECT WORK '16 - Ojo Emmanuel 'Nifemi UISU Presidential Aspirant

Good Day fellow Nigerian Students in the Premier University,


Reading through inaugural speeches of the presidents who have steered the course of the UNION of students' in the University of Ibadan, I simply conclude that true unionism is like a building project work.

The Foundation

1983/84 inaugural speech as delivered by Bola Longe reveals that they had challenges such as water supply too. With this discovery as furnished by history, I simply agree that there's nothing new under the sun! While uncle Bola reeled out the challenges bordering students' welfare, he suggested solutions as well. This attitude depicts that they  were builders busy with building the union.

1985/86 inaugural speech also caught my attention, while he intimated the readers with the corruption level among students leaders, he concluded on the note that the union must be built up.

Matters arising!

By 1999, the school administrators dealt a deadly blow on the UNION, they gave us a constitution! And till date, we are yet to have a constitution that can be called our own. Attempts made so far, to get us the constitution that can be called ours, are yet to come to fruition.

Panoramic view of where we are

Nevertheless, giant strides have been made against all odds such as electoral bill (that can ensure transparency, yet to become an Act but used in the last election), Students' advocacy council, return of Jaw War, The Literary and Debating Society, Kunle Adepeju Memorial Day, among others. Special thanks to Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), the vital institution that has held and shielded THE UNION and was the only union when THE UNION was proscribed. We also have the return of UISU Press Club to widen the frontiers of journalism on campus. To cap it up, THE CONGRESS now got a voice through the illuminating change team. A strong union has emerged.

Good as the illuminating change team is, there's time lag for their stay in office.

At this point, what do we do?

George Bernard Shaw said and quote: "Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny. They have only shifted it to another shoulder". The aftermath of Arab spring among others clears ones doubt against Shaw's assertion. Therefore, THE UNION of Students' in the University of Ibadan must think and act differently.

Herein I present PROJECT WORK; a series of small tasks that need to be done, leading to a milestone. Mile stones of ensuring the needed institutions in the union and maintaining, effectively, the existing ones. Milestones of fearless representation of the Congress and value addition to each congress man's life. Milestone of....

Love me, Love the Union, For I love our Union! For what starts here changes the world!


Ojo Emmanuel 'Nifemi
Aspirant For UISU President

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