EFIWE NEWS: Ajayi Iyanuoluwa Marvelous, A Unibadan Student Dies. SO SAD!!!

She became very excited when she was offered admission into University of Ibadan to study Library ARchives & Information Studies (LARIS) just barely eight weeks ago.

Perhaps She must have gone to church to give testimonies to the Almighty God for such a blessing; appreciated Her parents/guidance for sending Her to One of the Best Universities in Nigeria; may be one of the best Students in her class and even very accommodating and caring, little did She know that Her days on this wicked world were numbered.

The truth remains that #AJAYI #IYANUOLUWA #MARVELOUS has gone to rest.

According to a Student who seems to know Iyanuoluwa, She said

"I was privilege to meet her during my one- on- one campaign in front of Queen Idia hall, where I was able to know that She was even a 100 level student. 

Personally, I am very grieved that this happened to her. Irrespective of what the cause of your death might be, I know God is the only one that gives and takes- The Giver & Taker of Life. My condolence goes to her family- it is my sincere prayer that God Almighty grant YOU ALL the fortitude to bear your loss."


May Her Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace

#UnibadanEfiwe Loves You
#LARISSA Loves You
#NUESSA Loves You
#Queen Idiates Love You
#We, Your Friends Love You
#TeamOSAS Love You
#Uites Love You

#But God Loves You more
#Rest In Perfect Peace

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