EFIWE GISTS: Comedians Are Not As Respected As Musicians - Wofai Ewa Lament


The Very funny and Beautiful  Comedienne Wofai “I think people don’t really respect comedians as much as they respect musicians and it is annoying they don’t…”In the opinion of fast rising comedienne, Wofai Ewa, comedians are not well respected; she thinks musicians are more respected.

Driving home her opinion with an experience she had, Wofai explained that “…a brand contacted me for something like an ambassadorship or something close to that and they said they were going to give me #500,000 to promote the brand for one year. And it is a very big brand. 

If I mention this brand, I don’t want to disclose the brand, the brand is big. You needed to have seen the terms and conditions. I was even saying it is okay until I read the terms and conditions.  It was like an insult and I was so angry. They are not respecting the comedians at all and it’s a bad thing.”

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