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EFIWE GOSSIP: Nigerians Fight Over UI Graduate, Daniel Nkemelu's Change Of Native Name From "Kelechukwu" To Oluwaseun"

UI Graduate, Daniel Nkemelu, who graduated with a perfect CGPA of 7.0 had an interview with Vanguard Newspaper where he stated that "He simply converted my native name (Kelechukwu) to Yoruba because He love the Yoruba culture, and He's Nigerian" after he was asked "How he came about the Yoruba names (Oluwaseun) as it appears between his name on Facebook"

Nigerians who visited Vanguard's website to read the interview fought over the conversion of Daniel's native name from "Kelechukwu" to Yoruba name "Oluwaseun"

Some readers found the conversion of name very cool while others took it so personal which led to a tribal argument on the platform.

Abeg!!! Tag Daniel Nkemelu so He can be aware of what He has caused on Social Media

See Screenshots of their comments below:

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